2. Rugs Nourison Traditional Style

Traditional rugs introduce colors such as colors like red, green, blue, and gold pattern on pattern. And contemporary style delivery. Regular geometric forms, audio or sound in color boldly

Rugs is used to determine area Seats, such as group discussion in the living room or larger. Room size rug add the appropriate size, such as 6 x 9 or 5 x 7 works with seating area with sofa, desk and chair side It is best for legs. Sofa remaining pages in the carpet But I do not need to be back on the rug. Outer position to care. No danger to people not to travel. Dining area, carpets must be 8 feet wide and often have the best size is 8 x 11 Wat table and add four feet. For all the best for your Large amount of room. Equal to the surface as this will create a border effect.